Application Development

JavaScript Web Application Development

JavaScript Web Application Development

We specialise in developing custom websites, web applications, components or web api's in JavaScript.
We use JavaScript for both user interface and serverside coding.

The frameworks we use to develop our web applications are Vue.js/Svelte + Bulma for the browser side and Node.js/Express on the serverside.

If websockets are required, we use to implement this.


We use Vue.js and Nuxt to build the user interface. Vue.js is a progressive framework and can be used to create a SPA (Single Page Application). Nuxt.js is a framework for creating Universal Vue.js Applications.


Bulma is a modern CSS framework based on Flexbox for responsive mobile-first styling.


Node.js is used for the server side implementation (if required), this is a JavaScript runtime build on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine, which is the core of the backend server.


Express.js is a web application framework for Node.js that we use for server side routing and build REST API's.