JavaScript Application development & services

Javascript Application Development

At PureJS we can develop your application. This could be a full scale/stack public or private web application, a static front end application, a backend application (i.e. a REST API).

Our applications are mainly developed in Javascript, NodeJS for the backend with MongoDB storage and Vue.js/Nuxt for the front end.

Our Services

JavaScript Web Application Development

Custom Javascript web development for your Front End, Back End or API project. We can develop a responsive Single Page Application (SPA). Want to implement websockets?
We develop for the following frameworks: Node.js, Express, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Socket.io, Bulma (or Bootstrap)

Cisco UC Integration

We develop tools to manage or integrate your applications with Cisco Unified Communications. These interfaces can be used: AXL, EMApi, CUPI, UDS.
Cisco Finesse Gadgets can be developed as well.

Cisco Finesse Gadgets

We develop Cisco Finesse Gadgets to integrate your Cisco Finesse Desktop with your business systems

Cisco Spark Bots

We develop Cisco Spark Bots to integrate with your business applications.

Java Development

Custom Java desktop or web development for your Front End, Back End or API project. These technologies can be used: Java Servlet, JSP, Spring, Thymeleaf, Swing

Full Stack Java Script Development

Full Stack Software Development for Java and JavaScript, either in the Cloud or Local.
[Cloud|Linux] - Oracle - Tomcat - JSP
[Cloud|Linux] - MongoDB - Express - Node.JS - Socket.io - VueJS - AngularJS - Redis - Bootstrap

Cloud Deployment

We can develop/assist/manage to deploy your application hosted on:
Paas / OpenShift / AWS / Heroku

Database Integration

Install/manage/integrate your [cloud]Database (SQL or NoSQL):
MongoDB / Redis / MySQL / Postgres / Oracle

Website Maintenance

PHP / Wordpress / MySQL
We can manage your website, add functionality do backups etc.

Server Maintenance

Linux: RedHat | CentOS | OracleLinux
We can manage your [VPS] server, migrate your website to VPS, do backups etc.

Microservice Development

We can develop microservices or help you splitting up your monolith into microservices